We’re on LocalArtsLive; 3 days left to donate on FA!

Last weekend, Melos and ensemble39 delivered a smashingly-successful preview concert at downtown Philly’s First Friday gallery series, giving Philadelphians a taste of what’s to come at our December concert. In addition to delivering beautiful previews of pieces by Dan Temkin, Ryan Olivier and David Carptenter, ensemble39 enchanted listeners with pieces by Dvorak, Piazzolla and Edgar Meyer. Ryan, Dan and David, our resident Philadelphians, were on hand to help spread the word about our December concert. They were also able to capture some highlights of the evening on film:

The audience watches ensemble39’s performance

A bird’s-eye view of one performance

ensemble39 rehearses in the gallery before the show

Also in attendance last weekend was Sharon Torello, blogger for the fantastic Philadelphia arts-journal LocalArtsLive! Sharon has been working on a multi-part feature of Melos and ensemble39 for LAL, and in her first chapter shares her experiences of watching the preview concert unfold.

We encourage you to follow Sharon’s writings on LAL – we’ll share the next segments of her piece on Melos right here as soon as they’re off the press!

Have you donated?? We’re days away from the closing of our Fractured Atlas fundraising campaign. We’ve been blessed with generous and passionate supporters who have helped us, as of this writing, raise almost $1,000! But we’re still short of our goal, and we’re counting on you to help us get there! Melos presents our concerts, outreach events and recording projects without government assistance, funding our events exclusively through private donations and grants. This means that in order for us to bring you this music with this wonderful ensemble, we need you to get involved! A tax-deductible donation of as little as $1 (or 1/3 of a latte at Starbucks) goes a long way in helping us make this concert happen, and qualifies you for some wonderful thank-you gifts, like digital downloads, a free CD of the concert, and even a stylish Melos coffee mug. Don’t delay – we’re counting on your support! From ensemble39 and the entire Melos team to you: thank you for supporting new music!  https://www.fracturedatlas.org/s/campaign/661

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