The Melos Music 2011 Concert CD is here!

Melos Music 2011 Album ArtAt long last, we are extremely proud to release the CD recording of our 2011 San Francisco New Music Concert!  The San Francisco edition of our annual Concert Series was a smashing success, featuring some of the most talented musicians in the Bay Area, including members of Nonsemble 6 and virtuoso performers from the San Francisco Conservatory.  Recorded at the San Francisco Conservatory and the Community Music Center, the CD features the entire concert program and the original lineup of performers from the live performance.  It includes music from the entire cast of Melosians, ranging from Daniel Temkin’s capricious Butterflies and Dragons and Jason Thorpe Buchanan’s ethereal Berlin Songs to the surrealism of Brian Penkrot’s Shooting Snowburst Spectacular Silhouette and the visceral drive of Greg Simon’s Blood on the Curb. The entire CD is available for digital download on iTunes, or you can buy a hard copy (featuring Tonia Ko’s beautiful cover art!) right here on our website. Just follow the links below!


Buy the CD

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