Day 7: The Concert!!

Yesterday, we were back at San Francisco, getting even more recording hours in. We’ve come away from the two-day recording binge with clinical exhaustion, but we’ve also got hours of fantastic music on tape, and are pumped for tonight’s concert! Here are some photo highlights from the two days of recording:

Stepan Rudenko, Matthias McIntire, Sung Bin Choi, and Tonia Ko rehearse Nick DiBerardino's "Home Suite"

Dan Temkin pulls double duty as composer and percussionist on his piece, "Butterflies and Dragons"

Our audio engineer, Tony Bella, hard at work

Amy Foote and Justin Lee enjoy a serious musical discussion

Moving the percussion zoo and recording gear into the CMC

Jason takes a break from conducting the Berlin Songs to look pensive

Percussion at SFMC

Greg conducting Ryan's "Magis" at CMC, while Ryan coaches from the houseSome of the performing cast enjoys a break from rehearsal

Amy Foote, soprano, and Jeff Goble, baritone

San Francisco's City Hall, an hour after we finished at SFMC.

Tonight at 7pm, in the Community Music Center at 544 Capp St., we’re going to share the fruits of this week’s labors with all of you. If you’ve been following us from afar, we wish you were here and hope you’ll get a chance to see our music closer to you some time! If you’re in town, please join us for an evening of brand new music presented by dedicated composers and extremely gifted performers. We’ll see you there!

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