Day 5: Daniel Temkin, Butterflies and Dragons (and Sea Lions)

Our last official act after Tuesday’s rehearsal was to say a temporary goodbye to the San Francisco Conservatory, where we’ve set up shop these past few days. That meant, among other things, moving 700 pounds of percussion out of San Francisco to San Mateo. In itself, this is a frustrating and tedious task, but it was made better once we realized that Tonia could fit inside the gong…

Just imagine the sound that comes out of this giant monstrosity.

Yesterday was Melos Music’s day off. No rehearsals, no conducting, just good old frolicking to shake off our pre-concert anxiety. While our freezing trip to the beach may have been somewhat ill-advised, Dan and Ryan were still able to seize the opportunity to make the world a better place.

About ten minutes from now, Dan will realize we're at the beach and not at Jason's house.

After the beach, a few Melosians took to the streets San Francisco. A few of us (Jason and Greg) grew up around here, but David, Tonia and Ryan have never made it to San Francisco before; so for them it was a day to take in the San Francisco tourism. They enjoyed the comestibles at Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square…

David's preferred method of day-off relaxation is to bring his work to the bar.

…took some pensive-looking photos for the cover of Melos’ next smooth jazz album…

The title of the album is "Something Exciting Out-of-Frame."

…and recruited some talent for our next Melos concert.

Okay, so they're not lookers, but nobody sings Ferneyhough like they do.

Today, we’re back to the grind. We’ll be learning the space in our concert venue, the Community Music Center, and getting in our first day of recording. Stay tuned; later today we’ll have an interview with Dan about his piece “Butterflies and Dragons,” along with some photos from the day’s work. Friday’s right around the corner!

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