12:14am // Bela Bartok is a genius. I think he’ll be recognized more and more as such in the decades to come. His orchestral music is very accessible, yet its complexity is apparent from the very start. It’s such a contradiction, and that’s what I love about it. It’s the kind of complexity that draws you in, totally engrosses you. Of course, the point of his music is not simply to be complex. It’s not needlessly verbose, so to speak; it demands every nuance Bartok gives to it. And the end result is music that is supremely entertaining even if you’re completely unfamiliar with orchestral music.
If you’d like to check his music out, I’d suggest the Concerto for Orchestra (one of his last pieces), or Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta. If you listen to it, tell us on the forum! I want to hear your thoughts. Check it out at the local library – I’m sure they’ll have a copy!

I am almost finished with my Masters degree from SJSU. I’ll be done at the end of May, and I’m (more than) a little worried about entering the current job market. I am eager to finish the myriad projects that have crept up this semester so I can get back to composition! One fascinating project in the works is a collaboration with Professor Scott Sublett and several students in the Radio, Television and Film department at SJSU – a short film about food. Professor Sublett has written a script and imagery for the film and handed over the reigns to his students. The film is supposed to center around the sound design as a whole, so the four of us working on the sound are coming up with ways of integrating all of the sound elements into one cohesive audio piece. I am responsible for the music, and I am working with the visual editor to synchronize (or not) his work with mine. Things are just getting under way, and the project is already exciting and rewarding. It’s small enough that I feel everyone will have an important say in the final product, but it’s big enough that it could be a compelling work if done right. For a composer, real collaboration can be very rare, but I am getting hooked!

– Mark DeSimone


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MELOS MUSIC is an organization of composers who collaborate to promote, publish, and disseminate their music to as wide an audience as possible. Our common interests lie in a deep-rooted passion for music and collaboration with conductors and performers. Comprising our growing catalog are dozens of works spanning a wide variety of aesthetic styles and instrumentation. This catalogue is continually expanding as is this online resource. Please browse this website for more information, and feel free to contact us, directing any questions or comments via email or our online discussion forum.
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