3:42pm PDT // Hi everybody! This is my first post to the Melos Blog. In this blog you can expect to find thoughts, updates, and other ramblings on various subjects related to the music and composers on this website.

So here’s a little background about me. I am 27 years old, and the youngest of identical twins. I’ve been playing music since first grade, and writing since my sophomore year in high school. I studied bass trombone with Bill Booth at Cal State Northridge (CSUN), then took a few years off before pursuing my master’s degree in composition at San Jose State. I’ve just finished my second out of three years at SJSU, and I’m looking forward to a very light course load next year as I work on my thesis composition.

CSUN has a pretty lively jazz department, and while I was there I couldn’t help but take as many jazz courses and play in as many jazz groups as I could. My B.M. was in classical Trombone Performance, but I learned about jazz arranging and improv from Matt Harris and Gary Pratt, and even squeezed in a film composition course. I was fortunate enough to record “For Tom” (which is for sale through Melos) with the Jazz “A” Band at Capitol Records.

At San Jose State, in addition to modern compositional techniques I’ve been learning about recording techniques, principals of electroacoustic music, and along with other Melos members, I’ve also worked on the soundtrack for a feature-length movie called “Bye-Bye Bin Laden” which was written by SJSU professor Scott Sublett. Together we recorded, edited, mixed all aspects of sound for the picture, and it was a tremendous year-long learning experience.

Now that classes are finished for the semester, I’ll be working on my thesis, as well as several other projects that may find their way to this site. Please continue to visit our site – and sign up for our newsletter to hear more about my projects! Also, since this is a new endeavor, we welcome any comments you might have on the site, the catalogue, or anything else.

– Mark DeSimone


About melosmusic

MELOS MUSIC is an organization of composers who collaborate to promote, publish, and disseminate their music to as wide an audience as possible. Our common interests lie in a deep-rooted passion for music and collaboration with conductors and performers. Comprising our growing catalog are dozens of works spanning a wide variety of aesthetic styles and instrumentation. This catalogue is continually expanding as is this online resource. Please browse this website for more information, and feel free to contact us, directing any questions or comments via email or our online discussion forum.
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